GIFs just got a whole lot smarter

Comedy Central Broad City GIF is reinventing the way we share short animations and video snippets with a new player that attributes credit, links to the source and supports embedding just about anywhere.

Just visit the site, paste a YouTube URL or upload your own existing GIF, trim it to the desired length (up to 15 seconds), and add a credit to link back to your profile or site.

You can then link or embed your new GIF on social networks and blogs or share it via email. The player works on Twitter and Tumblr, and displays a link to the site or social network you credited when a viewer hovers over it. Try it out below:

You can also enable audio and view the full video. Plus, if you only need the GIF file, the player page has a link for that too. It’s like all our GIF dreams have come true at once. says it’s working on “a bunch of neat filters” for users’ creations, including slow motion.

The GIF Player []

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