Dragon Anywhere mobile speech recognition app planned for iOS and Android

Dragon Anywhere mobile speech recognition app planned for iOS and Android

Typing short notes on your mobile device can be tiresome enough, but imagine trying to input paragraphs, or even pages, of material via your phone? Soon you will be able to dictate such volumes verbally with the upcoming Dragon Anywhere app for iOS and Android.

Designed for professionals — lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters and public safety officers — Nuance, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking desktop dictation software, envisions it being used to create and edit complete reports and documents or take detailed notes while on the go.

Dictation is captured immediately so users can review and correct on the spot without having to transcribe a recording later or pay for costly, time-consuming transcription services. Because it’s cloud based, desktop access is also easy.

In addition to dictation and accurate voice recognition, the app promises continual learning of a person’s voice for improved accuracy and support for industry-specific custom words. There are no time or length limits on dictation. Voice formatting and editing options include selecting words and sentences for editing or deletion, navigating through fields of a report template, and applying common text formatting.

You can also import and export to and from popular cloud tools like Dropbox and save to note-taking apps like Evernote.

Enterprise users will be able to manage Dragon Anywhere through the Nuance User Management Center with custom words and auto-texts  managed by administrators.

Dragon Anywhere will be available via subscription in English in the US and UK via the App Store and Google Play in the fall. 

Announcement of the new mobile apps accompanies the announcement of upgraded Dragon speech recognition software for the Mac (available early September) and PC (available late August), with which the new mobile apps will sync. Dragon Professional Group with the Nuance User Management Center for group and corporate use, are available now.

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