BitTorrent Sync simplifies its file sharing tools on Android and iOS

BitTorrent Sync simplifies its file sharing tools on Android and iOS

BitTorrent Sync is getting an update on Android and iOS that’ll make it a lot more useful for power users on the go.

Previously, you had to open the Sync app before adding items, which could only be uploaded to a folder that lived within your camera roll on iOS or your local file system on Android. Now you can create different kinds of files and directly add them to a sync folder.

Sync-mobile-iPad (1)

This means you’ll now be able to record a video or create a document on your phone and have any edits you make in other apps be automatically uploaded onto the rest of your Sync-enabled devices. That’s a lot more convenient than having to wait until you arrived at home to make such changes on your laptop.

The update also means that iOS users can use the native camera roll viewer to choose what files they want to have synced up, rather than being forced to open the files from the Sync app.

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If you need to make edits to a document,  Sync is also making things a bit easier by automating uploads when you open a file from within the app.

Whereas before you could only preview the files in a synced folder, now tapping on the file will take you to an outside application where you can make changes. These will then automatically be sent to the rest of your linked devices.

The updated functionality is rolling out to Android and iOS users today.

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