Numerous: This clever app tracks the numbers that matter to you – and helps you act on them

Numerous: This clever app tracks the numbers that matter to you – and helps you act on them

Up until today, Numerous offered an iOS app that allowed you to track all sorts of numbers in one place – from your Twitter followers, to your mortgage rate to your current distance from home. Now it’s received a big update that turns it into a platform, with an API for developers and IFTTT integration for end users. Oh, and it’s now available on Android too.

The IFTTT support is particularly interesting here. Now you can set up actions based on numbers tracked in Numerous. Examples provided by the company include ‘If my Tesla’s battery charge goes below 25 percent, then turn the lights in my garage red ‘ and ‘If it’s been more than a day since we tweeted, email the Marketing department.’

This is really clever stuff that moves the app beyond catering to stats obsessives and into the ‘life utility’ bracket.


Meanwhile, the new API means that third-party developers can create their own channels to add to the diverse range already on offer.

Speaking of which, today’s update brings support for more services. Channels for Salesforce, Stripe, Coinbase, Facebook (including Pages), Misfit and Piggy Bank are included, meaning you can mix business with pleasure and track your sales leads and company Facebook Page activity alongside the number of days until the next SpaceX rocket launch.

As we generate increasing amounts of data about ourselves through the apps and devices we use, actually getting some value out of all that information is key. Numerous could really help here, and I look forward to seeing how it helps me in the future. Now, if only I could afford a Tesla to take advantage of that integration…

Numerous [iOS / Android]

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