Amazon Dash buttons are here for $5 each

Amazon Dash buttons are here for $5 each

Amazon Dash buttons — the branded little doodads that automatically order and ship specific items directly to your house with virtually no effort on your part — are finally available to Amazon Prime members today for just $4.99. Purchase one of 18 Dash buttons and never run out of the stuff you always seem to run out of.

That’s really where Dash buttons do their handiwork: my house, for example, can never seem to keep stock of paper towels or toilet paper. Amazon offers branded products — currently Bounty for your hands and Cottonelle for your bum — that can be assigned to different types and quantities of product. Operating on your home Wi-Fi network, the button will order the product when pressed and also send you a nifty notification to your iOS or Android phone.

All of the buttons are currently in “Limited Release,” so if the idea of never having to trudge over to your local grocery store to pick up trash bags sounds appealing to you, pick one up while you can.

Amazon’s push-to-order Dash Buttons are now on sale for $4.99 [Verge]

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