Don’t know how much money to take on holiday? This iOS and Android app will tell you

Don’t know how much money to take on holiday? This iOS and Android app will tell you

Apparently, 50 percent of British people don’t know how to budget when they travel abroad. But, consider this, the survey was conducted by Travelex, the foreign exchange company, which coincidentally has an app to hawk.

The company only surveyed 2,000 travellers to come up with its figures but, despite the relatively small sample, the app that has sprung from the thinking is a pretty good idea.

The company claims the Travelex Money App (free on Android and iOS)  – nice, simple name there – will “ease the stress” of deciding how much money to spend abroad. The trick is that it shows you how much other British travellers have spent on similar trips.


You can also select what kind of traveller you are, to get a sense of how you should budget, whether you’re ‘middle of the road’ or a ‘big spender.’

And, surprise, surprise, once you’ve decided on your budget, you can order your foreign currency from Travelex directly in the app and have it delivered to your home or to one of the company’s stores, including the ones at Heathrow and Manchester Airport.

If you’re planning a summer getaway, it’s worth a look.

Travelex Money App [iOS | Android]

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