Inbox for Gmail lets you more finely calibrate the snooze timer

Inbox for Gmail lets you more finely calibrate the snooze timer

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. And this time Inbox for Gmail has made snoozing messages a bit more useful for specific time-sensitive email.

As noted in today’s Gmail blog post, when you snooze an email that has dates and times, such as package tracking or event confirmations, you get a one-tap option to snooze to exactly the right time — such as the morning your package will arrive the day of a concert. Then, the email will appear at the top of your inbox when it’s most critical for you to see it.


It differs from the regular menu by adding an extra one-tap line to certain emails.


So, if you’re snoozing a restaurant reservation, you’ll now have the option to set the reminder for an hour before that time. Here’s a list of the types of emails that the option will cover:

  • Package tracking updates
  • Restaurant and event reservations
  • Calendar invites
  • Flight confirmations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rental car reservations

➤ Inbox by Gmail: Snooze to just the right time [Gmail Blog]

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