Here’s a neat one stop shop for creating animated text GIFs

Here’s a neat one stop shop for creating animated text GIFs

Want to get your meme on with a slab of text? (I cannot believe I wrote that, may the gods of my ancestors forgive me.) Here’s a cool new option:

Slate, which is racing up Product Hunt’s rankings today and got the seal of approval from Product Hunt godfather Ryan Hoover, is a single page that lets you create animated text GIFs and save them to Imgur.


You can tweak the text, the speed it cycles through, the font and colors, as well as throw in emoji if that appeals to you. Once you’re done, you get an Imgur link as well being able to share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

If you want to grab the GIF yourself and post it directly onto those social networks, just visit the URL generated by Slate and save it from there.

A note of caution: The site is slightly unpredictable and can get stuck or fail to respond to your changes. If you’re interested in creating your own take, you can fork the code on GitHub.

Slate [Created by Bitshadow via Product Hunt]

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