Google Maps iOS update now lets you share locations on Facebook and Messenger

Google Maps iOS update now lets you share locations on Facebook and Messenger

Owners of iOS devices, rejoice: Sharing pins with your friends will now get a little easier. An update from Google Maps now allows you to share your location to more apps, including Facebook and its spun-off communications app Messenger.

The new feature, part of Google Maps version 4.8.0, will now make it much easier to send a pin to someone who is on their desktop computer, or who is just too lazy to switch between apps (we all know that person). Users can also broadcast their location to their friends, or target it to a specific group. It does not allow you to post pins directly in events, though, so you’ll still have to play the text game if your party has to switch locations.

The app update also includes improved transit directions, offering more route choices and real-time arrival information in certain areas to help commuters get to where they need to be on time. There is also a new image gallery for places — tap on a photo to get a grid view of all of the images helpful Googlers have posted to Maps.

Whether or not sharing your pins is a thing that you like to do, it’s cool to see how much Google is thinking about deep-linking within the iPhone. You now have another reason to never switch back to Apple Maps again.

Google Maps [iTunes]

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