tries for a new groove with a complete site overhaul tries for a new groove with a complete site overhaul

If you’re a member of, the CBS Interactive-owned streaming music service, you might have been visiting — and tracking your tunes — less often over time. And that might be putting it politely.

That could change soon as pushes out a redesign it believes will inspire its users to come back more often. According to Nick Calafato, music partnership rustler at the service, the site is “busy totally re-platforming and re-designing from top to bottom.”

Updates to the design were revealed to paying subscribers first, and an open beta went public last week. There’s no word on exactly when the site will officially switch on the new design for all users.

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A beta view reveals a new home page that lets you view all your tracks, albums, artists and events in one location. You can click to play your tracks right away via the new playbar.

About the playbar: The desktop utility now lets you hear music from multiple sources. A new Library Explorer brings back old memories, regardless of when you last heard your favorite tune from 2010.

So if you were really into in the past, and maybe let it drop off your radar screen, check out the new design and see if it gets your blood pumping. And yeah, you’ll have to log in to see it, which is a drag.

Last,fm beta

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