Social ebook platform Glose comes to Android, lets you try books for free

Credit: Glose

Glose, the social platform and store for ebook lovers, has launched its Android app today. It’s also available on the Kindle Fire and Nook HD.

The service now carries titles from more than 600 publishers and offers free samples — about 20 pages of each book on average — across its entire catalog.

Glose Android
Credit: Glose

As with its iOS and Web app, you can browse Glose’s store on Android to find new books to read, add annotations and discuss them with your contacts. This works with samples too, and you’ll be able to retrieve your notes when you buy a book you’ve scribbled in.

The app includes nice touches like one-tap highlighting and a quick way to share quotes on social networks. Users can also share links, photos and video with other users while discussing books.

Glose one-tap
Credit: Glose

There are certainly other places for you to get your reading fix, but unlike its competition, Glose lets you share and learn from a community of book lovers.

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