Adobe demos upcoming Photoshop 3D magic at London print show

Adobe demos upcoming Photoshop 3D magic at London print show

Everyone likes a sneak peek, and today Adobe obliged with a look at some new features it is working on for upcoming versions of its flagship image editor, Photoshop CC.

These demos tend to generate a lot of buzz, and what better venue than the 3D Printshow in London to show off new capabilities that will eventually let Photoshop CC users, 3D printer manufactures and 3D print service providers use the 3D PDF and the SVX file formats for their workflows.

Adobe also plans to offer 3D Hubs support built into Photoshop CC and a new printer profile for the Tinkerine DittoPro desktop 3D printer.

1. 3D Printing to PDF 2. 3D Printing to SVX 3. 3D Printing Hub Support

Print to 3D PDF formats

Photoshop CC users and 3D printer manufacturers and service providers can now use the ISO standard 3D PDF file format for 3D print jobs, streamlining the process and lowering the cost.

Print to PDF runs the 3D model through the 3D printing pipeline, so files are automatically checked and repaired before creating the file.

Print to SVX formats

Photoshop CC users can now produce high quality, full color, sliced 3D models using the SVX format for color 3D printers. The 3D printing pipeline in Photoshop CC verifies and updates files when converting to SVX.

3D Hubs support

3D printing through the 3D Hubs service will be available directly within Photoshop CC, so customers can submit print jobs to service providers in their local area through that worldwide network.

Tinkerine Ditto Pro support

A printer profile for Photoshop CC supporting Tinkerine DittoPro will be available for download through This will let users print 3D models directly from Photoshop CC to their DittoPro printers.


Feature image: Crea’zaurus: 3D printed dinosaurs derived from shots of the London 3D Printshow floor.

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