Bundle photo management and sharing app lands on iOS and Android

Bundle photo management and sharing app lands on iOS and Android

Digital cameras solved one problem and created another. Gone are the days when you had to plan to take your camera with you for special occasions — only photographers carried a camera around all the time, anyway. Today, anyone with a smartphone has a high-quality camera in their pocket all the time.

But more pictures means more management, with no universally accepted way or easy to handle it. Moreover, as friends and family get together in groups, all may have photos of the same event but never get to see most of the shots that others take.

A new app called Bundle, launched today for iOS and Android, organizes photos into privately shared photo galleries so that all parties to an event or outing can see shots taken by the whole group.


Bundle keeps photos secure by backing them up in the cloud; users can alternatively store them on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Bundle’s proprietary technology helps users organize and share only their best photos with friends and family. It uses machine learning to determine which photos belong in the same Bundle and simultaneously suggests which photos from friends belong to a particular bundle.

Once images from the same events are bundled, computer vision technology suggests the best photos of the bunch by focusing on duplicate images and face and smile detection.


As you progress in using Bundle, the algorithm learns more about your preferences and helps you select the best photos more quickly.

Bundle has a variable pricing plan. A basic version is free with unlimited storage for lower resolution images that are meant to be shared online or via mobile devices.

A $1 a month plan, which will be coming soon, lets you back up your images to a provider you are already using such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive. A $5 a month plan lets you back up all your photos in full resolution and also includes 5GB of video storage.

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