SwiftKey for iOS now lets you buy themes – and it’s a lot more stable, too

SwiftKey for iOS now lets you buy themes – and it’s a lot more stable, too

If, like me, you love SwiftKey‘s predictive keyboard tech but hate how regularly it crashes on iOS, you’re in luck. A new update today adds stability improvements that have made a huge difference to the ongoing usability of the app.

I’ve been using the new version for a few days and iOS has only dropped back to the default system keyboard when it’s supposed to – when there’s a password to enter. Other than that, it’s been a lot more enjoyable to use than in the past.

Yes, I led this piece with a stability update, but with SwiftKey that really is justifiable – the previous version would drop out to the default iOS keyboard with annoying regularity for no particular reason.

Shooting Stars theme GIF

Meanwhile, the theme store that’s already available on the Android version of SwiftKey makes its Apple debut. There are 12 paid themes on offer, in addition to the existing three free ones. An animated ‘Shooting Stars’ theme costs $1.99, while the remaining 11 static designs cost $0.99 each.

SwiftKey is currently experiencing problems with in-app purchases, which it hopes to resolve shortly. “We’re experiencing some technical issues with store purchase validation on iOS but our team is working to submit a fix ASAP. We’d like to reassure customers that they will get the themes they have purchased once this issue is resolved,” the company tells us.

Update: SwiftKey tells us the issue is now fixed: “For users who experienced these problems, we’re asking them to update the SwiftKey app, then reselect the theme they bought in the store. They will not need to go through the purchase process again.”

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