NewsGIF delivers your daily news entirely via GIFs

NewsGIF delivers your daily news entirely via GIFs

Ever wish you had a TL;DR for the news?

While I’m not sure the future of CNN, BBC, or Al Jazeera is directly tied to looping images, NewsGIF is having a bit of fun with the format when it comes to delivering your daily tech news. The ‘Trending’ section features cool apps and products via Product Hunt, while the ‘Recent’ area offers some of the hottest tech news of the day.

NewsGIF hopes to do for tech news what Channel 4 News (UK) and its 4NewsWall are doing for local and world news, although there’s a little more than solely tech in here.

Currently, NewsGIF is available on the Web, and as an iPhone app. Having used both, I can honestly say the iPhone app is far more intuitive and user-friendly. There’s also an Android app in the works.


Jon Stewart is excited, are you?



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