InboxVudu’s Chrome extension makes a real-time to-do list from your most important emails

InboxVudu’s Chrome extension makes a real-time to-do list from your most important emails

InboxVudu, a service that provides smart summaries of your most important emails, has launched a nifty Chrome extension to help you stay on top of your messages.

As before, InboxVudu connects to your Gmail or Google Apps account and then analyzes your emails to provide a list of what you need to respond to and when.

It extracts only the text you need to actually act on, as well as any details it deems important, to help you sift through content more easily. And if senders become a bit to naggy, you can always mute them too.

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The main difference now is that while the standard InboxVudu service sends your email highlights at the end of the day, the Chrome extension works in real-time so you’re always up to date should something urgent come in. Then you can just click on one of the notifications, and you’ll be taken straight to the relevant Gmail reply window.


If it’s your first time trying out the service, keep in mind it’ll take 10-15 minutes for it to analyze your email before you receive your summary. Once it done, it’ll list a column of email highlights, as well as emails to follow up on if you haven’t received a response.

While services like Google’s own Inbox try to help you prioritize emails based on several factors and some user input, InboxVudu takes me straight to the part of my emails I would most want to see, with minimal action on my part. It makes it really easy to sift through my messages without that usual feeling of being overwhlemed by dozens of messages.

You can download the InboxVudu extension from the Chrome Web Store now.

InboxVudu [Chrome Web Store]

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