Play piano like a pro on your computer with no skills whatsoever

Play piano like a pro on your computer with no skills whatsoever

Ever wanted to be great at piano but didn’t want to put the time in? Touch Pianist is a new Web app that will make you feel as good as Beethoven, without any effort to actually learn.

All you need to do is load up Touch Pianist and tap away at the keyboard or on your touch screen with the right timing to make beautiful melodies (or just tap away as fast as you like).

Touch Pianist features a variety of pieces you can play with choices from classical artists such as Frédéric Chopin, Eric Satie and more. It works in your Web browser so there’s nothing to download and can run on almost any device.

The service also offers an iPhone app if you want to keep playing on the go.

The concept isn’t entirely new, with Smules’ piano app pioneering the musical space and the infamous Hacker Typer that makes it look like you can code just by typing random letters.

There’s something hypnotic about tapping away at your keyboard making beautiful music. It makes you feel like a talented musician, when ultimately you’re doing nothing more than sitting in front of a computer poking your keyboard.

Touch Pianist

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