Uber reveals updated version of its SOS alert system for riders in India

Uber reveals updated version of its SOS alert system for riders in India

Uber introduced an SOS button to its app in February so you could connect with your local law enforcement in the case of an emergency during your ride.

The service was beta-tested in Kolkata and today, Uber announced that it has been updated and that the company is working with local authorities across India to implement the feature in various cities.

When you hit the SOS button on the new version, it will immediately connect you to the authorities through a call and at the same time, it will generate an SOS alert that goes directly to the local Police station on a dedicated Uber alert screen. 


The alert will give your local Police station an exact location of the car using GPS.

Safety in Uber cars is something that has come under scrutiny in India in particular. Last year, following an alleged rape case, the Delhi state government banned the car service from operating in New Delhi.

Uber has said will be rolling the new feature out across the rest of India in the coming weeks.


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