Riddle makes it easy to create viral lists, polls and ‘commenticles’ from anything on the Web

Riddle makes it easy to create viral lists, polls and ‘commenticles’ from anything on the ...

You probably know all about Buzzfeed’s listicle posts by now, so if you’ve always wanted to create your own viral content in Buzzfeed style, Riddle, a new social tool may help.

The premise is simple: you can create a list post, poll, quiz or “commenticle” quickly and easily, then embed it anywhere.

For example, here at The Next Web, we’ve been debating what to call the vegetable below. If we wanted to let you, the readers, vote on that, we can use Riddle to quickly throw together a poll or slideshow about them.

The same goes if you wanted to quickly comment on an article you saw (like this one) without creating a whole new blog post or something as short as a tweet.

Each Riddle post only takes a few seconds to throw together and has a unique URL so you can share it directly to social media.

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The company has successfully run collaborations with companies on its new platform recently. Riddle says that Cats Paradise, a cat community, says it saw a spike of fans and page views using Riddle with its service and a 62 percent gain in revenue over the first month.

Riddle’s format could be an interesting, more informal approach to blogging that doesn’t require actually maintaining or running a WordPress or Medium site. As mediums like ‘screenshorts‘ become more effective due to their shareability, Riddle could become incredibly useful for quickly sharing ideas.

It’s easy to throw together something that can be shared almost anywhere with Riddle, so I expect these will start appearing in a Twitter feed near you soon.

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