Hykoo for iOS lets you shoot, edit, and add text to your own 12-second short films


Just when you thought the world had enough video sharing apps, a new one launches with yet another spin on the medium.

I’m usually a grump when it comes to apps that essentially do what others can, but I have to admit that I found Hykoo to be pretty fun to play with.

Shoot three short clips totaling 12 seconds, overlay some text and your Hykoo is ready to share. It sounds simple, but it feels like a natural and logical evolution from popular apps like Vine.

Hykoo screens

The three-clip format helps create a narrative of sorts — just like a haiku — and the text helps to emphasize your message. I felt like my first attempt was much more watchable than the mobile videos I’d shared on other networks.

Hykoo also lets you add filters, save your works in progress as drafts and share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the app’s own network.

I also enjoyed watching continuous streams of other users’ Hykoos by visiting their profiles, and it’s nice to see how the community employs the novel format in their videos.

It’s too early to tell if Hykoo will take over the world, but for now, it’s a fun toy to test your filmmaking skills. Here’s my first Hykoo for reference — I reckon I might have a shot at Cannes next year.

The app is free on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Hykoo [iOS]

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