PeerShip can turn anyone into a courier (but it won’t deliver Taylor Swift)

PeerShip can turn anyone into a courier (but it won’t deliver Taylor Swift)

If you live in a major metropolitan area, the idea of using an app to get stuff delivered is nothing new. TaskRabbit and Postmates combined can conjure up just about any physical product you desire, meaning you’ll never have the leave the house if you don’t want to.

For those who want to make money doing the delivery, PeerShip can offer just that. Rather than requiring you to apply to become a messenger, it allows anyone to make deliveries based on your commute route, helping you potentially earn a little cash wherever you’re headed.

To start, Peership requires you to login via Facebook and verify your account with a phone number to prove you’re human. Then, you can either request something be dropped off at your location, or offer to make a delivery by inputting your travel route and seeing if anyone has requests along the way.

The neat thing about the company’s delivery request system is that you get to make the call on how much one delivery costs. PeerShip charges $0.99 per delivery, but you can offer extra money if you need something dropped off more urgently.

peership delivery

If it can wait, you can set a lower delivery price and someone may potentially pick up the job if they’re passing through your neighborhood. Think of it as a Craigslist for delivery, but on an actual app and not completely anonymous.

The app also has a five star rating and review system to ensure trustworthiness and safety. Since the app is connected to Facebook, you can also see how many mutual friends you and your messenger have before accepting the job.

To celebrate the launch, PeerShip CEO Michel Choueiri is starting by allowing young cancer patients at a local pediatrics hospital request bedside deliveries.

“Some of the early items were simple at times and almost impossible at others,” Choueiri tells me. The requests include a Barbie doll, a book about dinosaurs, a pink blanket, a Snuggie and a visit from one Taylor Swift.


And that’s the thing that truly hinders PeerShip’s effectiveness at this time. You can make just about any request on God’s green earth, but that doesn’t mean someone can always deliver.

The fact that the app requires a high number of local users will also make it harder for you to find messengers or delivery jobs at this time. But if it gains any traction, PeerShip could be a neat way to make a few bucks on the side if you’re going to pass by someone in need.

PeerShip is available for free on iOS and Android, and currently services San Diego and New York City.

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