8tracks launches its own library of music for use in playlists

8tracks launches its own library of music for use in playlists

8tracks, the music service that makes it easy to create playlists and share them with your friends, has launched its very own music library for the first time.

Now, when DJs are creating playlists they’re able to tap into over a million tracks made available directly by the service. By making tracks available in a library, 8tracks is making it easier for creators to get the music they want without needing to jump through hoops.

It benefits the artists and labels too; they now get paid directly, faster and with better reporting on how their music is performing.

Previously it required those creating playlists to either upload a track themselves or grab it from SoundCloud, which you can still do, but the company is now making the direct deals with labels to host its own music too.

DJ Crates and Library

The company told TNW that with more and more people streaming music it’s increasingly unlikely they’ll even have files on their computer for uploading, so the library is a natural evolution for the service.

8tracks’ CEO, David Porter, told us that the service “thinks of itself as Switzerland” for artists. The service is free for users and profitable just from advertising, providing a way for consumers to discover great new music without needing to pay up front.

The 8tracks library is available for creators to start using today.

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