Swoosh for Android turns your hand into a remote control for presentations


If you deliver presentations often, this is a neat trick to add to your arsenal.

Swoosh for Android lets you control your slide deck with just a wave of your hand.

Install the app on your mobile device and the server tool on your desktop, and launch your presentation. Then, place your phone or tablet on a desk and swipe your hand above it to navigate back and forth between slides like magic.

Swoosh works with Mac, Windows and Linux desktops and is compatible with a range of presentation tools like Prezi, Slidely, Microsoft Powerpoint Online, Google Slides, Keynote and Acrobat Reader. You’ll need to have your PC and mobile device on the same Wi-Fi network to get started.

The $2 app works as advertised, and will certainly help you make a great impression on your audience at your next presentation. It also frees up your hands to express yourself more freely when speaking.

However, I do wish it had a more robust setup and troubleshooting section, as you wouldn’t want to keep waving your arms madly in front of an audience to confirm that Swoosh has indeed connected with your desktop and is working properly. So make sure you practice before you try presenting this quarter’s figures with no remote at hand.

Swoosh [Android]

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