SeatServe will be delivering to seats in the Amsterdam Arena from tomorrow

SeatServe will be delivering to seats in the Amsterdam Arena from tomorrow

TNW can exclusively reveal that as of tomorrow, you will be able to have food, drinks and merchandise delivered to your seat in the Amsterdam Arena thanks to SeatServe.

SeatServe is a New York-based startup that was nothing more than an idea seven months ago. The service was quickly soft-launched to provide users in the Amsterdam Arena with the option of a pick-up lane or grocery list feature two months ago and tomorrow it will be launching fully.

SeatServe will be incorporated into the ArenA Catering App that already exists in the Amsterdam Arena. And with a partnership and endorsement from Coca Cola, it seems likely that this idea will spread quickly.

The app works by allowing you to place an order for food,drinks or merchandise through your phone and have the items delivered to your seat by a runner . It will also save your details and preferences so your future visits can be more personalized.

Besides snack and merchandise orders, the app will be able to offer deals to users in the stadium. For example, if there is a goal scored, the jersey of the player who scored might go on offer through the app for a limited period of time.

Speaking to TNW, Shay Dadush, founder of SeatServe said: “It is a privilege to be launching in the Amsterdam Arena, and to provide this service to 53,000 people.”

The company is currently completely self-funded but is in the process of finalizing its first seed round as well as building strategic partnerships in a bid to expand to more stadiums.

While I haven’t experienced the ease of SeatServe myself, the beauty of this app is that it could quite easily be launched in any stadium or venue in any country so it probably won’t be long until we all wonder how we managed without it.

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