Drupe for Android lets you hit up your favorite contacts with two swipes


The idea of opening an app to get in touch with a contact is kind of unintuitive to me — I first think of who I want to connect with before figuring out which tool is best for the job.

Drupe for Android simplifies the process with an always-on launcher for your contacts.

It shows up as a column of dots on the side of your screen. All you have to do is swipe right to reveal a menu of contacts along with a bunch of communication options like phone, SMS, email, Google Hangouts and Skype. Just drag and drop a contact onto an app icon and bam, you’re talking or texting in an instant.

Drupe screens

Drupe is always available, regardless of whether you’re on the lock screen, home screen or running another app. It also lets you customize which apps you’d like to use, and how you’d like it to display your contacts.

The free app includes some other useful features, such as the ability to switch between favorite contacts and recent ones with a swipe, and contact search so you can use it as your dialer. It also shows you the last message or call log below each contact so you know how you last got in touch with them.

If you’re rocking an Android phone, Drupe is a must-have to help you connect with people faster.

Drupe will be taking part in the Boost program at TNW Europe Conference. There’s still time to apply with your startup!

Drupe [Android]

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