Edgee wants to squeeze a new content format in between tweets and blogs

Edgee header

Ever wanted to share more than 140 characters but didn’t feel like writing up a full-fledged blog post? Take a look at Edgee, a new content creation platform that lets you combine text, images and embeddable media into a standalone page.

The Web app is simple enough to use — just name and categorize your edgee and begin adding content by typing or pasting links. You can then resize and rearrange elements as you like, and share the page with others on social networks.


You can also browse edgees created by the community. Choose from a range of categories like art, business, fashion and food to see the top edgees in each, or search for whatever you’re into. If you find an edgee you like, you can show it love by clicking the heart icon and even follow the creator for updates.

The folks behind Edgee believe they’re creating a new medium that fills the gap between concise tweets and verbose blogs. The app is currently in beta, with more than 50,000 users waiting in line for an invite.

While I found it easy to create a neat page with links, videos and blurbs, I don’t know if it’s more compelling than a well-composed blog post. The ability to guide a reader through a series of ideas in a set sequence feels more powerful to me than tacking together a bunch of rich media elements.

There are also several other ways to share links and multimedia on the Web — Dropmark was one of my favorites when it launched a while back. If you want a blog that lets you post content quickly, Tumblr’s a fine choice. So what’s Edgee getting at?


I can’t be sure if there’s a lot of new ground for Edgee to cover with its content format, but perhaps that isn’t the point here. Edgee says it’s hoping to get users to explore and express their passions on its platform, and people are always looking for new ways to do so.

If the company can build a strong community of users and generate quality content that people will actually care to consume, it could be on to something. To that end, Edgee is focused on establishing exclusive content partnerships with a range of publishers and is opening up its service only to a small circle of users at present.

The team is also building new features based on user feedback, such as collaboration tools and a mobile app.

I’m all for experimenting with content creation and curation, so I’m interested in seeing how far Edgee can go with its new concept. Until it takes off, I’ll have to be content with 140 characters to share my thoughts.


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