850 Sports News Digest for iOS and Android brings you global sports updates in 30 words or less

850 Sports News Digest

I’m not really into sports, but I occasionally get caught up in the drama and excitement of major tournaments like the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Whether you’re a fair-weather fan like me or are all about your favorite sport year round, 850 Sports News Digest makes it easy to stay up-to-date on happenings in your favorite sports.

Available for Android and iOS, the app covers soccer, cricket, rugby (union and league), tennis, golf and motorsport. You can customize the layout to only show stories about the sports you’re interested in, and receive updates on matches as well as related news.

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Articles covering games and matches feature a 30-word summary, scores and key stats, top players, tidbits like Key Moment, Man of the Match and Goal of the Game, as well as links to lengthier commentary. You won’t find any photos accompanying posts, but there are neat diagrams that help visualize significant events.

If you’re hoping to get your sports fix in under 10 minutes in the morning, this is a great way to do so. The updates are crisp and concise, and the accompanying stats are neatly formatted for easy reading. It’s also easy to navigate through the app by simply swiping your way through articles.

850 strives to offer better summaries than other news aggregators by serving up content written exclusively for the app. While it only covers seven sports at present, the London-based company says it will soon expand to offer cycling, sailing, netball, squash and hockey news.

In addition, it will also work to add features for readers to contribute their voice to their favourite sport, by sharing their own commentary or making match predictions. The company just secured a $500,000 seed round to further its efforts, so hopefully those updates will arrive sooner than later.

850 Sports News Digest [iOS | Android]

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