Get on a conference call in seconds by copying in this email address

Get on a conference call in seconds by copying in this email address

Setting up conference calls can be a pain, but with this new service, it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do to set up your next meeting is copy in this email address:

Anymeeting, the company behind the new service, launched it today to help reduce the friction to actually getting on a call. Once you copy in the email address, all attendees get a reply from Anymeeting with the conference call details.

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The service doesn’t require an account to get on a conference call and the only limitation is you can’t have more than 200 attendees. This makes it great for a quick work phone call, setting up the football team or even a family call.

The only drawback I found when trying the service was that it signed me up to their newsletter once I’d used it, but it was easy enough to unsubscribe. There are paid plans available for Anymeeting’s more advanced service if you need fully-fledged phone conferencing.

If you need a quick, free, no frills service for getting on a conference call, Anymeeting’s new service might just do the trick.

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