Wunderlist adds list folders and updates its iOS, Android and Mac apps with new design


Wunderlist has updated its cross-platform to-do list app with a new feature — folders for lists. It’s also refreshed its iPhone, Android and Mac apps with a fresh look.

With folders, you can now group a bunch of related lists and keep them separate from others. For example, you can now collate your grocery and household repair lists into a ‘Home’ folder, and avoid scanning them while you’re looking at your lists for managing projects at work. This feature is available across Wunderlist’s desktop, mobile and Web apps.

The iPhone app gets a handy new Quick Add button, which lets you create new tasks or lists in a snap. In addition, Wunderlist on iPhone recognizes natural language input. So, when you type ‘Submit sales report by Tuesday at 4pm’, the app will automatically add a due date and reminder to your task.

Wunderlist’s apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android have also gotten a new look with colorful pictograms that make it easier to differentiate and navigate between folders, lists, smart lists and your inbox.

Wunderlist Home View

On Android, the app gets a Material Design-inspired makeover with bold colors and animations.


Quick Add will first be available on iPhone, and will arrive on Android and other platforms soon.

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