Filta lets you search Twitter users you follow


If you’ve ever wanted to look up the Twitter accounts you follow to find users who are interested in a particular topic or are located in a certain city, Filta is up to the task.

It’s a neat idea that Twitter should’ve thought of first. Until then, Filta’s simple app does what it says on the box fairly well.

It’s useful for when you’re traveling to a new city and want to meet up with people there, or if you’re looking to hire people of a specific discipline. Although not remotely as flexible, it’s kind of like Facebook’s Graph Search, which I use to look up friends in other cities when planning a trip.

Unfortunately, Filta doesn’t search people who follow you, the way SocialRank does. That’s very useful indeed — if a user is already familiar with your profile, it’s easier to introduce yourself, whether you want to get a beer or work together.

Hopefully this feature will come to Filta soon. There are paid apps like Tweepi that include this function, but Filta is free and easier to navigate when you just want to look up people you follow.


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