A Netflix hack day produced some amazing experiments that we want right now

A Netflix hack day produced some amazing experiments that we want right now

Netflix regularly holds internal hack days that consistently produce amazing results. Last year, the company showed off a hack that paused Netflix when your Fitbit detected you’d fallen asleep and custom playlists.

This time around, Netflix has one-upped itself. There’s a bunch of great new ideas, like the project below that lets you rewind a movie or TV show line by line. If we could have this feature tomorrow that’d be great.

Another hack stops your friend/partner/housemate from watching the TV show you’ve been following without you. It requires you both to enter a personal PIN number to watch the next episode so there’s no cheating.

Another hack, makes sure you’re focusing on watching your show by using your webcam to detect when you’re looking away and making a loud noise (BEEP) to get your attention.

Finally, a project that visualizes Netflix activity on top of Google Earth show’s which cities are binging the most.

There’s also this incredible one that got House of Cards playing on a NES.

Netflix previously said that its hack days are not indicative of what features may come to its product in the future, but I sure would appreciate most of these.

➤ Netflix Open Source [YouTube]

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