Crowdfire brings Twitter stats comparison to its iPhone app

Crowdfire brings Twitter stats comparison to its iPhone app

Twitter profile management service JustUnfollow has now rebranded as Crowdfire and revamped its iPhone app to let you compare your stats on the social network with other users.

The new Eagle Eye feature allows you to compare your Twitter mentions, followers, unfollowers, retweets and favourites from the past day, week, month and year with any users you choose.

Crowdfire Eagle Eye

It displays the data in neat line graphs and you can drill down to find out more detailed info, such as followers vs. unfollowers, and the number of hashtags used.

The tabbed interface is easy to navigate and shows stats in a clean grid. I just wish it allowed you to export the data so you could include it in reports.

Still, if you’re working on building your online presence and want to see how you compare to your peers, this is a great tool for the job. Crowdfire also helps you to streamline your Twitter profile by listing which inactive users you follow.

Eagle Eye launched in January, but was initially only available on iPad. Crowdfire also announced a $2.5 million Series A round today, so expect more cool features (and possibly a paid version of the app) soon.

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