Babble will help you stop using Lorem Ipsum in your designs

Babble will help you stop using Lorem Ipsum in your designs

A tiny new OS X app wants to help you stop using Lorem Ipsum in your designs.

Much has been written about how Lorem Ipsum is killing your designs and why not to use it, so this app will help you break the habit.

Babble lives in your menu bar and generates… well, babble. It’s got a bunch of powerful options like generating a bunch of random single words or entire paragraphs and can be extended to deeply integrate into other apps.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.57.43 am

At the touch of a button or a quick keyboard shortcut, you’ll get useful (and weird) filler text like this:

Grum Grum is Dibble Dibble Dibble Dibble millionth Blurp Blurp wings boom-pahs Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea un-slumping sincerely something we faint so at Great Places flapped sometimes mouth hang-ups! Tattered places cook heights three Pop Pop Pop Who-ville Town Square prickle-ly bad squeaky.

It’s handy and awesome for when you’re creating that new design or building a website; you might be reading this and wondering what the big deal is, but the amount of times I’ve had to Google for some filler text shows me why I might need something like this. Babble is available for just $1.29 on the App Store.

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