Meerkat for iOS lets you live stream video to your Twitter followers

Meerkat for iOS lets you live stream video to your Twitter followers

No, this is not an app livestreaming meerkats going about their day. It could be though. Meerkat for iOS lets you live stream video on Twitter in one click.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and found your good side, all you have to do is hit ‘stream’ and your video goes live instantly, showing up on your followers’ Twitter feeds. If any of your friends have Meerkat, they’ll get a notification alerting them to your live stream and they can comment and interact with you using the app.

We trialled the app and found the stream to be pretty clear and steady. However, at present the app seems to zoom in quite a bit while capturing video, so an elongated selfie stick may be required if you plan on videoing on the go.

While there are similar apps on the market like TwitCam and the Livestream app, Meerkat’s simple interface and ease of use could make this one a definite competitor appealing to brands and bloggers alike, provided that the zoom function is sorted.

Meerkat is only available on iOS at the moment with no confirmation of an Android version just yet.

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