File sharing service Infinit’s Windows app exits beta

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Peer-to-peer file sharing service Infinit has launched its free Windows app today, which allows users to share files of any size.

While the beta version was already available to users, the revamped tool is more stable and adds sharing options in the native right-click menu.

The app allows users to share files and folders via email, through the app (if the recipient also uses Infinit) or by sending a link. It can also resume uploads in case an internet connection goes down.


The new feature lets you share files very quickly indeed. I’ve stuck with Dropbox for the same purpose in the past, but sending files from my desktop meant that the service would create a duplicate file in my cloud storage and hard drive. With Infinit, I don’t need to worry about finding and deleting those files later on. Plus, you can send entire folders without zipping them first.

Infinit sent file

Infinit’s service works well enough — it’s quick, elegant and as easy to use as anything else out there. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are in the works, and it’ll be interesting to see how those stack up against the competition when they launch.

Infinit [Windows/Mac]

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