You can now order Postmates from your computer

You can now order Postmates from your computer

Postmates makes it easy to order food from your smartphone or tablet. But sometimes it would be easier to use your computer to have delicious foods delivered right to your home or office. So Postmates launched a site just for those occasions.

The new site works similar to the app. You find a a restaurant with the food you want to place in your belly and order it. The site syncs with your Postmates account on mobile so you can track on your phone what you ordered on your computer. Plus, thanks to the larger screen real estate on your desktop you can see full menus on a single page.


This also means that merchants can link to their Postmates page without worrying if their customers have the app installed

Another fun little feature is that you can order food outside the current market you’re in. So if you’re a nice person, you could order food and have it delivered to your friend in New York while you’re in San Francisco.

The site is live now, if you’re hungry.


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