Camu social networking camera app arrives on Android

Camu social networking camera app arrives on Android

Smartphone app development has become so prolific that, to the average user, it almost looks easy. But it’s not, and that’s why many apps are developed and released on different platforms at different times. Photography apps often get released on iOS first before migrating to Android and other platforms.

Camu, a popular iOS app from Sumoing that targets users interested in photographic social sharing, was released for the iPhone, but has now landed on Android. It offers the same suite of editing tools and live filters for photos and videos as the latest Camu 2.0 iPhone app. It also features a Tinderesque keep/delete feature for images shared with you.

The app, on both platforms, lets you swipe to live-apply smart filters, offers real time adjustment of the clarity and lighting, depth of field effects, video shooting with live filters, a collage mode, smart auto shooting mode for taking better selfies and the ability to apply text to the image. This all sits on top of a messaging app that shares images with your social networks and individual friends.

Camu is now available from from the Google Play Store. It works with Android 4.0 or higher.

Camu [Android]

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