Get Facebook Chat Heads on OS X with this free app

Get Facebook Chat Heads on OS X with this free app

Remember those crazy Facebook Chat Heads that let you reply to your friends outside the Messenger app? Thanks to this third party app, you can get them on your Mac now too.


Aptly-named Chat Heads for OS X, is a little third-party app that brings the experience to your Mac. Now, you can reply directly to people by simply clicking on their face bubble that appears on the desktop.

Chat Heads allows you to reply to people just like you do in Messenger, stickers and all. It feels more at home than normal chat apps, because you can move around people’s faces and stick them to any edge of the screen, out of the way until you need them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.17.00 am

Now that I’ve tried this, I want Chat Heads for all messenger apps on my computer. Google Hangouts has a chat head style feature, but it disappointingly only works on Chrome OS and Windows right now.

Chat Heads is free, with in-app purchases that unlock other features like the ability to get OS X notifications on new messages and spellcheck (although at time of writing, the in-app purchase for unlocking them is free).

Chat Heads via Product Hunt

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