Jobspotting wants to make job search as easy as Netflix movie recommendations

Jobspotting wants to make job search as easy as Netflix movie recommendations

Looking for a job online is often a pain, with search sites that haven’t seen a major update in approach for years. Jobspotting is a new Berlin-based startup that wants to make finding relevant vacancies as easy as it is to use recommendation engines from the likes of Netflix and Pandora.

I took it for a spin and found it super-quick to get to a list of relevant vacancies. I just connected up my LinkedIn account, picked the relevant tags from there that I wanted to use for my search, set my seniority level and the cities in which I wanted to work and back came the results.

Any results that didn’t quite fit (I’d make a terrible Japanese or Korean translator, for example) I just filtered out using the thumbs-down icon, while any that were particularly well-fitting, I gave it a thumbs up. As you’d imagine, this is designed to quickly train the algorithm to give better recommendations in the future.

The results I got brought in quite a few things I wasn’t suited for at first but by training the algorithm, it got better over time.


Jobspotting took part in the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator in Berlin and even managed to recruit that accelerator’s co-founder, Robin Eric Haak, as its own co-founder and COO.

Essentially, this is a modern search interface on top of results from third-party recruitment sites. It currently only supports Germany and the UK but will open up more widely in the future. The service is available now on the Web and via an iOS app.

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