WhatsApp to let you make voice calls via Skype? Nope.

WhatsApp to let you make voice calls via Skype? Nope.

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is planning to roll out voice calling functionality for its insanely popular messaging app, but despite aiming to set it live in Q2 2014, that target date slipped as the year quickly passed by.  However, according to recent reports, it’s still on track for Q1 2015.

But while it looked to MakTechBlog like the company was about to unleash a ‘Call via ‘Skype’ voice option on users, a company spokesperson has informed us that this simply isn’t the case.  When contacted to confirm the aforementioned calling feature and new Driving Mode, TNW was told “This is not true.”


It’s perhaps not the biggest surprise that Facebook-owned WhatsApp isn’t routing voice calls via Microsoft-owned Skype, but it would have been a pretty straightforward answer for users. Nonetheless, however it’s delivered, WhatsApp voice calling should still arrive in the next few months, unless it gets delayed again.

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