Flowboard, maker of the interactive presentation app, changes its name to FlowVella

Flowboard, maker of the interactive presentation app, changes its name to FlowVella

Flowboard, maker of the interactive presentation and storytelling software, has changed its company name to FlowVella, effective immediately. The product name will likewise change, but not its form or function. Alongside the new name and upgrade, the company is updating its mobile offerings and launching a new iPad app builder.

All current Flowboard presentations and apps will remain functional and will automatically be replaced by the new FlowVella products in a seamless transition for the current installed base, said Brent Brookler, FlowVella’s founder and CEO.

“We had planned this name change for a while; we did have a litigation issue with the old name, but the new name illustrates the natural evolution of the product from being focused on tablets, to being a cross-platform presentation tool that helps users tell their story, their novella, if you will,” Brookler said.


Unlike traditional presentation software such as PowerPoint, which is essentially static, FlowVella users can incorporate PDF files, videos, links and more to design a unique message to targeted audiences. Once the Flow or presentation is created and posted, it is automatically assigned a unique URL. Just share the link for viewing on any Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet.

FlowVella for Mac launches today for $4.99, a substantial discount from its regular $19.99 pricetag. The updated version has several new features including presenter notes and display and PowerPoint importing.


FlowVella is also launching today as a free iPad app available on the App Store. Both Mac and mobile versions allow users to upgrade to a premium version for a monthly or annual fee to access additional features such as presentation metrics for tracking views, larger file sizes, additional templates and password protection. FlowVella Education is also being launched today as a paid iPad version with academic templates for teachers and students.

Finally, the company is also announcing a new FlowVella App Builder, a service that allows any FlowVella presentation to be transformed into a standalone, branded and distributed iPad app.

FlowVella for Mac [Mac App Store]

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