Hidely private photo app launches on Android

Hidely private photo app launches on Android

Lifetime Memori has announced that its Hidely mobile app, previously only on iOS, is now available for Android.

Now, you can discretely share photos and shoot with the company’s “zero trace” built-in camera, across mobile platforms. Like the iOS version, all photos shot with the Android version of Hidely are encrypted and invisible on the device’s photo gallery. This is designed to bypass the vulnerabilities inherent in cloud storage, especially for sensitive material.

With Hidely, you can send encrypted photos to family and friends via SMS and email. The message will include a link that will open the photo within a Hidely account. The app facilitates sharing via a single-use link that expires after a one-time view — on Hidely — or 24 hours, whichever comes first.


Images are locked in the app until you share or delete them. Hidely has its own password protected photo gallery, but does not store passwords, so be sure to remember yours.

You can also use Hidely to create a private stash of photos, even if the originals were taken with another camera. Once you remove images from the photo gallery, they are as secret as the photos taken with the Hidely camera.

Hidely [Android] 

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