TNW’s Apps of the Year: Spaceteam, an addictive party game for iOS and Android

TNW’s Apps of the Year: Spaceteam, an addictive party game for iOS and Android

In our Apps of the Year series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for our favorite apps of 2014. 

There aren’t enough mobile games out there that encourage you to play with friends in real life, but Spaceteam stands out as the perfect mobile game for the holiday season.

Spaceteam is a co-operative party game in which you and your friends try to keep a spaceship from combusting by shouting gobbledygook commands at each another.

The game is for up to four players who connect over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and each player is shown a set of controls from a spaceship. Each player gets an instruction and a countdown until something bad happens and you’ve got to yell the instruction so the person with the right control can throw the switch or hit the button.


Ultimately, the goal is to keep this up with ever-increasing difficulty until you lose; our team record is 45 minutes. It sounds ridiculous, but Spaceteam is great fun for if you’re stuck inside on a snowy day and want to do something together.

Do you like shouting? Do you like fun? You’ll love Spaceteam. It’s the most stupid fun I’ve had with an app in a long time and it’s free to play, along with in-app purchases for further fun features.

Spaceteam | iOS | Android

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