makes exploring panoramas more immersive makes exploring panoramas more immersive is a new iOS app that helps you explore panoramas in a more immersive way that’s not dissimilar to what you’d expect from Google Streetview.

The iOS app makes exploring panoramas easy; using your phones gyroscope, the panorama moves as you turn, making it feel life-like. It basically takes panoramas and turns them into streetview-style images, similar to Microsoft’s Photosynth app.


The web component of lets professional photographers create their own panorama “spaces” by uploading pre-stitched shots. From there, you’re able to tag the location, add links inside the panorama and share it with the community. lets you add more detail to the photo itself using “hotspots” which can be other pictures, video or links to nearby panoramas so you can explore further.

Users can embed their panoramas with HTML and share them with friends on social media in just a few clicks. You don’t need the iOS app to view a panorama, but the phone experience by far is the best way to view them.

It’s early days for, which is today graduating from a preview version of the service. As more panoramas are added, it’ll be a great way to explore the world around you on the web or on your phone. [iOS App]

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