A really easy way of sharing presentation slides worldwide in real-time A really easy way of sharing presentation slides worldwide in real-time

Presentations are as popular as ever, but the way we consume them is changing. Once the preserve of lecture halls and boardrooms, they’re now increasingly viewed in multiple locations at once online. How do you make sure everyone is on the same page? lets you broadcast, view, and share Retina-quality presentations on smartphones, tablets, and computers in real-time, anywhere in the world via a Web browser or dedicated iOS app.

If you’re the one sharing a presentation you simply upload it in PowerPoint, Word or PDF format. You can do this from the website or by sharing from your Dropbox, Box or Google Drive app in iOS 8. It’ll be quickly processed and then it’s ready to share.


Inviting people to view your presentation is incredibly easy – there’s no signup required at all. They simply need the short URL you’ll be given when your slides have uploaded. If the people you’re presenting to are nearby, they’ll see your presentation on the’s ‘Nearby’ feature, so they don’t even need a code!

Once you’re under way, everyone watching will see the presentation in time with you – with you change slides, so do they. The ‘Switch Device’ feature means you can even swap between devices while you present.


There are some useful features here for making your presentations more engaging too. A long press or click on any part of a slide highlights it so everyone knows exactly what you’re referring to. On the Web, there’s Google Hangouts integration, allowing text and video chat as the presentation proceeds. Meanwhile, a new native chat feature allows participants on both iOS and the Web to communicate with each other, and presenters can email the chatlog to themselves for future reference.

Whether you’re presenting to multiple rooms in the same building, or people around the world, is quick, easy and hassle-free. Follow on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date with the latest news.

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