City of Portland sues Uber for illegal transportation service

City of Portland sues Uber for illegal transportation service

If we’re to believe the Portlandia TV show, the city of Portland is pretty chill. In reality, not so much, and Uber is currently in its crosshairs.

Today the city of Portland, Oregon filed suit against Uber for operating a “private-for hire transportation service.” In other words, Uber is being sued for being Uber. The city contends that the company is in violation of the city’s regulations concerning transportation services.

The city’s transportation director Leah Treat issued the company a cease and desist order that included the following:

I am hereby directing that Uber Technologies Inc…. or any other Uber affiliate entity immediately cease and desist operating within the City of Portland until such time as appropriate permits are obtained and Uber is in full compliance with the requirements of Portland City Code Chapter 16.40. Please alert all Uber-affiliated drivers that they are to cease and desist.

Uber began operating in the city on December 5. During the past few days, three city enforcement officials have used Uber and the city has issued two civil penalties.

Uber on the other hand has taken to the Internet and posted an online petition asking Portland to tell the mayor that they want Uber in their city.

The city also sent a cease and desist over Uber’s use of the Portland, Oregon sign in Old Town. The sign’s image is a trademark.

Update: Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend sent TNW the following comment:

Uber has received a tremendously warm welcome from riders and drivers in and around Portland. We appreciate the way residents have welcomed Uber into the Rose City, their support illustrates why it’s time to modernize Portland transportation regulation. In less than 4 hours, nearly 7,000 Portland residents have signed the petition in support of Uber and we remain hopeful that the city will listen to Portlanders who want safe, reliable, hassle-free ride options now.

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