Socialbakers’ new site is a treasure trove of social media data

Socialbakers’ new site is a treasure trove of social media data

Prague-based social analytics platform Socialbakers, which recently disclosed it could go public in the near future, has completely overhauled its website, offering users a wider range of free statistics across countries, industries and social networks.

The website, which according to Socialbakers sees about 1 million monthly users, allows visitors who log in with Facebook to view a huge selection of ratings and stats for Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook itself. This includes most popular profiles of brands and celebrities, as well as country and industry-based monthly reports.


Digging through dozens of metrics and categories, we were very pleased to find out that The Next Web account on Twitter is among the fastest growing ones in the Blogs category in the US. Huge thanks to all our followers for that.

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In addition to viewing ratings and reports, Socialbakers’ new website allows to compare brands’ and celebrities’ profiles in social networks and check historical data up to six months deep. Here we can see that since June Cristiano Ronaldo has become more popular on Facebook than Eminem, and is gearing up towards overtaking Shakira.


Apart from Media, Brands and Celebrities, you can check other categories, including Community, Entertainment, Place, Society, and Sport to get an impression of social media activity going on across the globe. The search function (up top, away from the rest of the stats) could be better signposted but other than that it’s well worth digging into.

Socialbakers Statistics [Click the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube tabs on the left to explore]

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