Tindddle is Tinder for finding great design on Dribbble

Tindddle is Tinder for finding great design on Dribbble

We can swipe right if we like the look of people on Tinder, so why not on good looking design? A new third-party Web app for design community Dribbble brings the “hot or not” style of browsing to design.

Tindddle’s premise is incredibly simple: it shows you a random designer’s work and you can either favorite it by hitting the heart, or move on to the next one by hitting the cross.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.12.53 pm

Image via @femkesvs

It’s addictive and fun to browse Dribble like this; you’ll like or dislike your way through hundreds of designs before you realize how long you’ve been on the site.

The creators, a design studio based out of London, said on the about page that the site was a fun side project over a weekend to get inspired and help the community enjoy browsing Dribbble like Tinder.


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