You can get a human to spell check your email for $5 a month

You can get a human to spell check your email for $5 a month

A new service called eAngel brings human autocorrect to your Gmail outbox for just $5 a month.

eAngel integrates by means of a Chrome extension, which adds a second ‘send with eAngel’ option to your Gmail compose window.

To test the service, I somewhat cruelly wrote an email like a twelve-year old might and included an old middle-school “find the errors” paragraph.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.03.26 am

For context, here’s my error-riddled email sent to eAngel:

Here’s a tset email with, some errrors, intentionally added 2 it to see how this service works. Here’s a paragraph with ten errors in it, jsut to try out eAngel for real:
One of the recent developments in modern technology, cellular phones, can be a threat to safety. A study for Donald Redmond and Robert Lim of the university of Toronto showed that cellular phones poses a risk to drivers. In fact people who talk by the phone while driving are for times more likely to have an automobile accident than those whom do not use the phone while drive. I like to use my cell phone when I am driving because it is convenient. The researchers studied 699 drivers.

Who were in an automobile accident while they were using they’re cellular phones. The researchers concluded that the mane reason for the accidents was not that people used one hand for the telephone and one hand for driving. Instead the cause of accidents were usually that the drivers became distracted angry or upset by the phone call. As a result the drivers’ lost concentration. Many people find that monthly plans are more economical than pre-paid plans.

I felt bad that real humans had to read such a poorly worded email, but I wanted to give the service a good run for its money. Within about an hour, I got a notification from the service that my email had been magically corrected for me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 8.56.09 am

It was pretty cool to see the differences and mistakes the service found; they picked up on everything! From here, eAngel sends your email to the recipient as you, so that it gets to the destination as quickly as possible.

eAngel can check your email’s spelling and grammar in English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew.

When you’re sending an email that’s important enough to warrant a second pair of eyes eAngel is fairly useful, however only if you’re willing to delay the email until it’s reviewed.

eAngel told me that as it expands and hires more staff, review times will improve dramatically so that your email doesn’t get stuck for too long.


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