The Honk app takes the pain out of finding a tow truck

The Honk app takes the pain out of finding a tow truck

Searching for a tow truck isn’t a problem most of us experience often, but when we do, it’s usually a huge pain. Honk is trying to modernize roadside assistance with an on-demand model and iPhone and Android apps that can summon a faster and cheaper tow truck than existing options.

Previously known as RoadsTruck, the newly rebranded Honk is launching with nationwide (US) 24/7 operations and over 20,000 trucks signed up. The startup claims 50 percent faster truck arrival times over its competitors, with times as low as 15-30 minutes in urban areas.



Pricing for services starts at $49, and there aren’t any membership fees. Quotes are guaranteed you won’t ever have to pay more than you agree to. You can request tows, tire changes, jump starts, fuel and locksmith services.

Honk founder Corey Brundage decided to build the company after a frustrating experience fixing his fiancé’s car. The ease with which he was able to hail a car to meet her contrasted against the confusing pricing and service from the two industry.

On the vendor side, tow truck companies have been eager to sign up for Honk because it can pay better than companies like AAA. Brundage claims Honk can pay companies 200 percent more while charging customers 50 percent less and still have a healthy margin.

Honk has raised two batches of seed funding, totaling $1.8 million, from investors including Paige Craig, Naval Ravikant, Ben Huh and Mike Walsh. While it’s just getting started in the US, the company is also looking into international markets such as, the UK, Australia and China.


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